Threaded Rod

25 October 2022

Threaded rod, also known as All-Thread, is one of the most used and versatile items in the fastener world. It is used in construction as an anchoring mechanism, as a means to hang lights and other machinery from ceilings and truss, or as a substitute for other fasteners when you have to get creative. The line between when “all thread” becomes a “stud” is a little blurry, but one thing is for certain – threaded rod isn’t going to be replaced anytime soon.

Like all fasteners, threaded rod comes in both fractional and metric sizes, and in both coarse and fine threads. We are also able to get them domestically made or imported from multiple other countries. Common materials can include:

Low carbon (equivalent to a grade 2)
B7 (equivalent to a grade 5)
Grade 8
Stainless steel

Being that all-thread/studs are so versatile, they are sometimes used in highly caustic or volatile environments. This can cause them to require special coatings. Some of these coatings include:

Blue Xylan - A blend of fluoropolymers, this coating is great against corrosion and chemicals, is chip resistant, and has a low friction coefficient.

Yellow/Clear Zinc – This helps prevent the bolt from corroding and adds overall protection. This is also a cost-effective route.

Galvanized – This is specifically designed to prevent corrosion when stainless steel isn’t a viable material option. Galvanizing a fastener will change its physical dimension and makes them oversized, so you cannot pair them with other coated or plain fasteners.

Other coatings can include Cadmium, Chromate, Phosphate, Nickel, Chromium, Passivated, and Anodized.

Another type of stud is what’s known as a “double ended” stud. These have threads on both sides (sometimes with left-hand threads on one side and right-hand on the other), with an unthreaded portion in the middle.

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