Industrial Cutting Tools

06 June 2022

Finding the right tool for the right job can be tricky. Whether you’re drilling a new hole, reaming out an existing one, cutting new threads or all 3 at once (we really hope not), it’s important you pick the right bit.

Here at Nationwide Industrial Supply, we can help you find what you’re looking for. Almost all of our cutting tools are USA made – no cheap imports that you might get at our competitors. We also carry specialty tools for jobs that require them.

Our brands include Mastercut Tool (FL), Norseman Drill & Tool (MN), HTC Tools (MI), Nitto Kohki, ITM Tool, Greenfield Industries & many more. Some of our tools include:

Drill Bits (HSS, Cobalt, Carbide)
Endmills (HSS and Carbide)
Annular Cutters
Carbide Burrs
Combination Drill/Tap
Combination Drill/Countersink
Tap Sets
Dill Sets
Tap Extractors
Step Drills

Want to know more? Email us at or call (330) 758-9593 for more information!


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